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About Us


Hello! We're Amy Tighe and Jerry Kindall. We have over 20 years combined experience exhibiting dogs and are hobby breeders of Glen of Imaal Terriers. We established Keadeen Glen of Imaal Terriers in 2010.


So what's a "hobby breeder"?

Our definition: someone involved with breeding dogs because they are committed to improving a breed's overall quality. Hobby breeders do not breed dogs with the intention of generating income from their dogs.


Jerry Kindall


Jerry had been an avowed "cat person" until he met Amy and Stanley in 2006. A few years later, he found himself a full-fledged "dog person," having quickly fallen in love with life with Stanley. In 2010, Jerry got a puppy of his own: Violet, Stanley's daughter. Jerry and Violet learned how to show at dog shows together and have been inseparable.


Professionally, Jerry is a technical writer for a software company.

Amy Tighe


Amy's aunt, an accomplished and experienced Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier breeder, introduced her to showing dogs in the 1980's.  Throughout high school, Amy showed horses and later began showing dogs as an adult in 2002, getting her first Glen of Imaal Terrier, Stanley, in 2004. 


Outside of dogs, Amy is a data analyst at an insurance company, specializing in health informatics.

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