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GCHS Keadeen's Blue Boy for Bluesette CAA, RATCHX10

AKC Reg. #: RN26561501  ~  DOB: 03/11/14  ~  Call name: Ciarán

CH Keadeen's Mist Over Kylemore

AKC Reg. #: RN31138507  ~  DOB: 07/30/17  ~  Call name: Kylie

Keadeen's The Morrigan

AKC Reg. #: RN36052201  ~  DOB: 02/5/21  ~  Call name: Finley

OFA Test Results (coming soon)

Keadeen's Bebhinn At Ballyclare

AKC Reg. #: RN36052202  ~  DOB: 02/05/21 ~  Call name: Penny

OFA Test Results

Keadeen's No Line on the Horizon

AKC Reg. #: RN36052203  ~  DOB: 02/5/21  ~  Call name: Lettie

OFA Test Results (coming soon)

Keadeen's Rainbow Mist Virago

AKC Reg. #: RN36052204  ~  DOB: 02/5/21  ~  Call name: Molly

OFA Test Results (coming soon)

Keadeen's Blessing of Aine

AKC Reg. #: RN36052205  ~  DOB: 02/5/21  ~  Call name: Buttercup

OFA Test Results (coming soon)

Keadeen's Cushlamochree O'Finn

AKC Reg. #: RN36052206  ~  DOB: 02/5/21  ~  Call name: Chloe

OFA Test Results (coming soon)

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