GCH Finnabair Pride of Wicklow

AKC Reg. #: RN06198302  ~  DOB: 07/05/04  ~  Call name: Stanley

Stanley was Amy's first Glen of Imaal Terrier, it was love at first sight, and they've been inseparable ever since.


Stanley started a very successful show career with a Terrier Group 2 at his first puppy match and then won his first major at the age of 7 months. At just 16 months of age, at the “grand and elegant” 2005 Morris and Essex Kennel Club show in Somerset, NJ, he was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best Opposite Sex, defeating all males entered, including four champions. He earned three five-point majors that week, and went on to a successful show career as a champion. 


Stanley has continued to do well competing as a veteran; he finished 2012 undefeated, ranked #6 in the country at the age of 8 years, including a few supported entry wins. We continued to show Stanley on a limited basis in 2013 as a 9 year old; he won eleven Best of Breeds and finished the year ranked #8.


Stanley is the first Grand Champion (GCH) Glen of Imaal Terrier in the state of Washington. He's the proud father of three litters. A handful of his get have also earned their championships, including our Violet and his son, GCH Liberty's Padraig (Paddy). Paddy has had many group placements and several prestigious Best of Breed wins.


After a long and venerated career, Stanley's considering retirement.

  • Stanley's OFA Results

  • PRA status: Clear

  • Personality: Kind, confident, friendly toward all people and all dogs

CH Daulton's Little Riot at Keadeen

AKC Reg. #: RN24050902  ~  DOB: 05/27/12  ~  Call name: Arya

There are no two ways about it, Arya is our little troublemaker... hence her registered name!  She insists on being the life of any party, whether we're in the mood for one or not...  She's got an infectious sense of humor and is a complete and utter joy to have in our house. Arya is also Stanley's daughter; her mother is GCH Daulton's Oriana of Cill Dara, a multiple group placer.


Arya is just starting her show career, but has already had some significant successes. We began showing her locally starting in 2013.  Her breeders, Jody Daulton and Pam Estes, showed her at the prestigious Montgomery County Kennel Club (MCKC) Terrier Specialty, as well as Hatboro and Devon. Arya was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed Bred By at Hatboro II for a four-point major. At 16 months old, her crowning acheivment thus far was at MCKC (which is also the Glen of Imaal Terrier National Specialty), winning Best of Breed Bred By and Reserve Winners Bitch. We were so proud of PJ and Arya—they made a great team!


Our plans are to continue to show Arya and work on finishing her championship title. In the meantime, we're going to explore a few different fun options to keep her challenged, learning and confident.

  • Arya's OFA Results

  • PRA Status: Carrier

  • Personality: Confident, out-going, sweet, sassy, friendly

Keadeen's Kind of Blue

AKC Reg. #: RN26561502  ~  DOB: 03/11/14  ~  Call name: Miles

Miles is the son of our Violet and GCH Fergus of Cill Dara, one of, if not the first, Silver GCH Glen of Imaal Terriers.  Miles is an extremely sweet and kind guy who loves to play.  Even though he's the biggest Glen we have he loves being "it" during chase games and is an excellent big brother to puppies.  He's lead many puppy excursions into the deepest heart of the back yard.  Miles also loves meeting new people or having visitors at our house, should interest in him wane he'll be happy to do his "Glen sit" for as long as it takes for the focus to come back to him!


We have not shown Miles very much, but he has been fairly successful when we have- he's 1/3 of his way to his AKC Championship.  Though, he does not really care for being at dog shows lately, so we're looking for other activities to keep him active and learning.  However, his favorite thing seems to be lounging in the back yard doing his best impersonation of Ferdinand the Bull, letting the wind blow in his hair and smelling the breeze.


Our plans for Miles are to work on barn hunt, and try nose work and basic obedience.

  • Miles' OFA Results

  • PRA Status: Clear

  • Personality: Big goofball who loves puppies and playing chase

GCHS Keadeen's Second Star to the Right

AKC Reg. #: RN28186504  ~  DOB: 05/09/15  ~  Call name: Stella

Stella is the daughter of our Violet and GCH Daulton's Hunter Green.

We are incredibly proud to be the breeders of a girl like Stella; she's happy, fun, and generally loves life.  She has also had an incredibly successful show career finishing her AKC conformation title at 13 months and 1 day at the Washington GITCA Supported Entry in June, 2016, becoming Champion Keadeen's Second Star to the Right.  She is our first home-bred champion to finish from the Bred By Exhibitor class with multiple majors.

Stella won Best of Breed her first time in the ring as a special with her handler, Ed Thomason.  She was shown on a limited basis in 2016 and ended the year with two Terrier Group 2nds and ranked 8th in the country.

Stella and Ed Thomason have formed a great partnership in 2017, they "work hard and play hard!"  With the help of Ed's assistant, Andrea Fernandez, Stella is ranked #3 in the country and even WON the Terrier Group!  We are so pleased and are extremely excited to see how the rest of the year plays out. #ICFYBs

To us, Stella's future looks pretty darn bright.

  • Stella's OFA Results

  • PRA Status: Clear

  • Personality: Confident, out-going, kind, sassy, she's a "diva tomboy" who loves to cuddle

CH Liberty's Colors of Keadeen

AKC Reg. #: RN20955703  ~  DOB: 07/23/10  ~  Call name: Violet

Violet is our second Glen and Stanley's daughter, bred by Ara Lynn of Liberty Glens.  Violet's dam is CH Daulton Delivers Patience, a lovely group-placing blue brindle. 


Violet and Jerry bonded immediately and have enjoyed a lot of success, inside the show ring and out.  They have learned a substantial amount from each other.  


2013 was a big year for our Violet.  In January she started the year very well winning the first ever major for Glen of Imaal Terriers in the state of Washington.


Violet had several more wins, including 2 more majors.  By the time June rolled around she finished her championship, becoming the first Glen of Imaal Terrier to earn all of her championship points in the state of Washington.  She's won three Best of Breeds- even defeating her father, Stanley, from the classes.  Violet started her career as a special winning Best of Breed at the All Terrier Club of Western Washington in Redmond, WA.  She finished 2013 ranked #14. 


Plans for the future include the ocassional conformation showing.  We're also thinking of working toward an agility title, nose work, barn hunts and, of course, motherhood.


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