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Glen of Imaal Terrier Groups

The Glen Gathering


Glen of Imaal Terrier Breeders

Liberty Glen of Imaal Terriers

Ara Lynn, New Ipswich, NH


Glen of Imaal Terriers Breeders of Merit

(Various places in the USA)


Breeders (Other breeds)

Banner Wheatens

John & Pam Madeville, Somerset, NJ


Mackanme Wheatens

Greg & Jeri Voyles, Gig Harbor, WA



Spring Glen Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Melinda Cumming, Renton, WA


Veterinary Reproductive Services

Dr. Melissa Goodman (Repro)

Plymouth Meeting, PA


Cascade Veterinary Specialists

Dr. Thomas Fry (Ortho), Issaquah, WA


Animal Eye Clinic

Dr. Thomas Sullivan, Seattle, WA


Training (Conformation class, etc...)

Riverdog Canine Coaching

Issaquah, WA



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