Our Current Glens

GCH Keadeen's Beyond the Pale

AKC Reg. #: RN32603901  ~  DOB: 07/27/18  ~  Call name: Ethan

Ethan is the son of Kylie, Keadeen's Mist Over Kylemore, and GCH Daulton's Hunter Green.

It's not an understatement to say Ethan's show career began with a BANG!  He was awarded two 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Best In Shows!  He won Best of Breed at barely 6 months of age and placed in the Terrier Group a few months later.


It's also not an understatement to say 2020 has been a very odd year!  While Ethan got off to a great start in January, finishing his AKC champion title winning 4 Best of Breed from the classes over several champions, COVID-19 soon struck and ground everything to a halt. 


When it was safe to begin showing again, Ethan embarked on new adventures with his new handlers, Rowan & Luke Baggenstos and we're really excited to form Team Ethan with Rowan and Luke's help.  So far they've consistently kept Ethan ranked #3 nationally with several Best of Breed wins and a few group placements.

Like everyone else, we're hoping everyone stays safe & healthy, and that 2021 ushers in better times.




Ethan, 4 months old, 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Best in Show!


  • Ethan's OFA Results

  • PRA Status: Clear

  • Personality: Confident, out-going, a friendly dog who loves everyone and has never met a stranger

GCHG Keadeen's Second Star to the Right

AKC Reg. #: RN28186504  ~  DOB: 05/09/15  ~  Call name: Stella

Stella is the daughter of our Violet and GCH Daulton's Hunter Green.

While Stella's show career is beginning to come to an end, her list of accomplishments reads like a wishlist!

As of age 5:

  • She is the 4th Glen in history to earn a GOLD level grand champion title (GCHG)

  • Stella was Best in Show at the Glen of Imaal Terrier National Specialty in 2017

  • She has won multiple Terrier Group 1st placements and many other group placements

  • Each year Stella was campaigned she was ranked in the top 3 of the breed nationally and was invited multiple times to compete at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show

  • Stella finished her AKC CH title when she was barely 13 months old, all of her points were earned from the Bred-by Exhibitor class

Stella was shown by Ed Thomason, the only other person who loves her as much as we do.  They established a great partnership while Ed showed her from 2017 - 2019, with the help of Ed's assistants, Andrea Fernandez and Shahntae Martinez.

Our plans for Stella's future include a lot of down time, she's earned it, as well as trying new and fun activities.  Regardless, Stella will always be a treasured part of our family and household whose star will never fade.


  • Stella's OFA Results

  • PRA Status: Clear

  • Personality: Confident, out-going, kind, sassy, she's a "diva tomboy" who loves to cuddle

GCHB Keadeen's Luck Be A Lady

AKC Reg. #: RN31138501  ~  DOB: 07/30/17  ~  Call name: Lulu

Lulu is the daughter of our Violet (CH Liberty's Colors of Keadeen) and the great Nate (CH Ber-D-Mar's Nate the Great of Wicklow).

She finished her AKC championship before she was a year old, and completed her Grand Championship at around 14 months of age. With limited showing, she is now a Bronze Grand Champion.

Lulu is playful, cuddly, and just a little bit naughty (but always with the best intentions). She often takes the lead in teaching youngsters how to be a Glen, which is one way we knew she'd be a great mom.

And so Lulu had her first (all-girl) litter on GAL-entine's Day (February 13), 2020 and these kids are already winning hearts and AKC championship points. We are looking forward to additional litters from her in the future.

  • Lulu's OFA Results

  • PRA Status: Carrier

  • Personality: Adventurous, playful, happy, mischievous, cuddly

Keadeen's Kind of Blue

AKC Reg. #: RN26561502  ~  DOB: 03/11/14  ~  Call name: Miles

Miles is the son of our Violet and GCH Cill Dara's Fergus of Daulton.  Miles is an extremely sweet and kind guy who loves to play.  He is athletic with an impressive side gait that covers ground effortlessly.  He's got excellent breed type and substance, and he is one of the best examples of the breed we've been fortunate to encounter.


At home, while Miles is the biggest Glen we have, he loves being "it" during chase games and is an excellent big brother to puppies.  He leads many puppy excursions into the deepest heart of the back yard.  Miles also loves meeting new people or having visitors at our house and will happily show off his "Glen sit" skills.


Miles has had quite a lot of success at dogs shows, but he does not actually enjoy being a show dog.  He's a bit of a home body and his favorite thing seems to be lounging in the back yard doing his best impersonation of Ferdinand the Bull, letting the wind blow in his hair and smelling the breeze.

In 2020, Miles became a father for the first time, siring our February litter of 7 girls.


Our plans for Miles are to work on barn hunt, and try nose work and basic obedience.



  • Miles' OFA Results

  • PRA Status: Clear

  • Personality: Big goofball who loves people, puppies, and playing chase

Keadeen's Crimson and Clover

AKC Reg. #: RN34511102  ~  DOB: 02/13/20  ~  Call name: Rua (Gaelic for "crimson")

Rua is the daughter of Lulu and Miles, one of our all-girl litter of 7 born on "GAL-entines Day" or the day before Valentine's Day in 2020. She wore the red collar in her litter and her name is Gaelic for "red" or "crimson," which also helped inspire her registered name.

She started her show career strong, earning a Bred-by-Exhibitor Best in Specialty Show at just eight months of age. She loves to show, so we're doing our best to accommodate her in the time of COVID, and she's already halfway to her AKC championship.

Rua is a rambunctious playmate with tons of energy. Fortunately, in our house, there's always someone (human, canine, or feline) ready to indulge her, and sometimes her sisters comes for a visit!

  • (OFA results pending)

  • PRA Status: Clear

  • Personality: Athletic, cuddly, happy, and up for almost anything